Overview of Patents

A patent is the legal right to preclude another person from making, selling, offering to sell, using or importing any product or process that is covered by the patent. So if you have invented a machine that harnesses solar power and uses it to convert straw into gold, and you […]


Maximizing Value: How to Sell or License a Patent

After spending a large amount of time and money obtaining, maintaining and enforcing a patent, it makes sense to get as much value out of that asset as possible. The most obvious way to do this is to exploit the competitive advantage you have obtained by using the patented invention […]


Buying and Selling a Patent

In general, buying and selling a patent is much the same as buying and selling a tangible asset. The buyer should perform its own due diligence on the asset to make sure it is buying what it thinks it is buying, i.e. a valid patent. Then a Patent Transfer Agreement […]


Licensing a Patent

Licensing a patent is much more complicated than a simple assignment. In fact, a Patent License Agreement could be one of the most complex agreements any company has to negotiate. But a well-planned and executed patent license strategy can provide the owner of a patent with the best of all […]


Patent Maintenance and Enforcement

Once a patent has issued on your invention, you will be able to preclude anybody else from using it in the designated countries for the term of the patent. However, you need to maintain the patent by filing annual fees in each country where the patent has been granted. In […]


Registering a Patent

Unlike other forms of intellectual property such as trade marks and copyrights, inventions that are available to the public cannot be protected without registration and government approval. Unfortunately, preparing a patent application is an extremely complex process that involves the ability to thoroughly understand the science or technology involved in […]

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