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How to Purchase Real Property

While many businesses choose to lease commercial property in order to retain flexibility and minimize large outlays of cash, there are still times when it makes sense for a company to purchase property. For example, if your company will be required to make substantial improvements to tailor its commercial property […]


How to Make a Residential Tenancy Agreement

It is not unusual for the owner of a business to lease residential property and offer key employees accommodation as part of their benefits package. While renting a dwelling may seem like a very straightforward proposition, especially for a business person, a large percentage of those who have leased residential […]


How to Make a Commercial Property Lease

According to the famous axiom, the three most important rules in business are location, location and location. This holds true whether you are in the retail, restaurant, manufacturing, or almost any other line of business. Most companies will find it either impractical or inefficient to purchase property in the right […]

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