Loans, Guarantees, Indemnities and Bonds


How to Make a Loan to a Company

Almost every company will borrow money at some point to finance its operations. In many cases, the loan will come from a bank. But there may also be times when an individual, such as one of the directors or shareholders of a company, is the lender. In certain situations it […]


How to Make a Secured Loan

A secured loan, if properly put in place, is backed by the assets of the borrower. This means that if the borrower does not make a payment on the loan or otherwise defaults, the lender can sell the secured assets and apply the proceeds towards the outstanding loan amount. It […]


How to Create a Guarantee

The shareholders and directors of a limited liability company are normally not responsible for the company’s obligations. This means that a creditor can only look to the assets of the company when seeking repayment of a debt. In some cases, however, it becomes necessary for the principal shareholders and/or directors […]

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