Manufacture, Distribution, Supply and Sale of Goods


Overview – Manufacture, Distribution and Sale of Goods

No business is an island unto itself—each relies on relationships with third parties to operate efficiently and profitably. In every such relationship, the primary business deal as well as the supplementary terms and conditions need to be agreed upon and documented. If this does not take place, then the efficiency […]


Suppliers and Supply Agreements

Nearly every business needs suppliers. If you manufacture products, you need raw materials and components. If you run a restaurant, you need food and beverages. If you own a retail store, you need inventory of the goods you sell. And the success or failure of your business could turn on […]


Distributors and Distribution Agreements

Product development and sales may get the glory, but it is distribution that is the unsung hero of any business. You can have the best product in the world and thousands of eager buyers, but if you can’t get your product into your customers’ hands, none of it has any […]


Manufacturing and Supply

If you intend to manufacture your own goods, your production operations alone will involve many aspects of starting a new business. You will have to hire employees or independent contractors, buy or lease property and equipment, finance the operations, and protect the intellectual property involved. For this reason, many companies […]

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