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Establishing a Website

Websites have become an integral part of running almost any line of business in today’s technology-driven economy. Although it may still be possible to do business the old fashioned way based on print and broadcast advertising, as well as word of mouth, it is almost guaranteed that a properly conceived, […]


Domain Names

A domain name is the key portion of a website’s internet address. Examples include,, and As with trade marks, a good domain name will be memorable and drive significantly more customers to your business’s doorstep. But unlike trade marks, where two different companies can use the same […]


Selecting and Registering a Domain Name

Unlike trade marks, domain names are not technically owned by the user. Domain names must be registered in the domain name system (DNS) database, upon which the registrant is granted the “right to use” the name. A hierarchy of organizations oversees the domain naming system: ICANN is the ultimate authority—it […]


Buying and Selling a Domain Name

Because there are hundreds of millions of domain names that have already been registered, you may have difficulty finding one that you are satisfied with for your business. And even if you do find an acceptable domain name, you may see a better one that has been registered and is […]


Domain Names and Trade Marks

The intersection of domain names and trade marks has become a complicated area of the law that you should have some familiarity with when selecting and registering, or buying, a domain name. The complications arise from the fact that (i) registered domain names are unique and can only be used […]



A website consists of content accessible through the internet. The website of a local seafood restaurant could be as simple as a single homepage displaying the business name and logo, a photograph of the restaurant’s exterior, a few menu items, location and contact information. The website for a multinational consumer […]


Web Site Design and Development

Your website is the first impression that many potential customers will have of your business. For that reason, it is crucial that the site be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and function quickly and smoothly. With a well designed and developed website, visitors will linger, browse and come back often. […]

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