Buying, Selling & Investing in Companies & Businesses


Buying a Company or Business

One of the fastest ways to begin a new business, or to grow your business if you already have one, is to buy an existing company. By doing so, much of the legal and business groundwork that is necessary to start a company from scratch has already been done. However, […]


How to Carry Out a Due Diligence Investigation

Due diligence is the thorough investigation of the company or business that you wish to buy to make sure that the information and assumptions that you are basing your decision on are valid. It is the business equivalent of taking a used car to a mechanic and having it thoroughly […]


How to Buy a Company’s Shares

The most common way to purchase an ongoing business is to acquire all of the outstanding shares of a company. If the company being sold is closely held, the buyer can accomplish this by directly purchasing the shares from each of the seller’s shareholders. The price paid to the seller’s […]


How to Buy the Assets of a Company or Business

Where are certain times when buying a business that it makes sense to purchase the assets of the business rather than the shares. The most obvious case is when the business being sold has not been incorporated and is operating as either a sole trader or a partnership. Another example […]

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