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Many believe a corporate identity is simply having a recognisable logo that represents the quality and values of their business. However, that’s only one piece among many that make up a strong corporate identity. A strong visual identity conveys a business’s personality and values – and it extends into every marketing medium and tactic. All of these pieces jointly create the unified image that ensures that the first impression of a business and its products or services is always a good one. With over a decade of experience serving clients spanning Ireland, the UK, the US and Canada, Enodare Tech’s design team can help you create an appropriate corporate identity for your business. Employing graphic, brand and website designers, our design teams can offer you a wealth of experience and input whilst delivering a high quality, cost effective corporate identity solution.

Our Services

Specific Services


Enodare Tech provides a variety of corporate identity and design services including the following:

Logo Design

Website Design

Corporate Stationary Design (Business cards and letterheads)

Email Set-Up Social Media Design & Integration

How Our Service Works

Service Details and Processes


We provide our services in a straightforward way adopting the following general approach:

Initial Questionnaire: You will be sent a questionnaire for completion. The questionnaire will solicit information from you about the proposed project. Once completed, you will need to return
       the questionnaire to Enodare.

Enodare Tech Feedback: We will review your replies and make contact with you by either phone or email to discuss your proposed project and to ensure that there is a clear
       understanding of the objectives, deliverables and timings involved. During the project, we will
       work closely with you at every stage to understand and implement your requirements.

Logo Design: A logo speaks a thousand words and is as essential to the creation of a company’s brand, just as much as the products it produces. It is your name, your identity, your
       stamp of quality on your business. Working with our designer you will engage in the process
       of creating a visually appealing and appropriate logo to represent your business.

Website Design: Website design is a skilled process involving many different elements including an understanding of your business, website strategy, the type of design and user
       experience you wish to create within your website, branding, colour schemes, and many more.
       Our design team will work closely with you to design the look and feel of your website. Once we
       have a clear understanding of your requirements, the development process will begin. Industry-
       standard codes of best practice as well as a stringent testing and quality control processes
       will be applied throughout the project to ensure that your website is defect-free upon final

Corporate Stationary Design: Our design team will design custom letter heads and business
cards incorporating your new logo and corporate identity.

Social Media Branding: Social media is now of the fastest ways of communicating with customers. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media features can be added to your website as part of the project. In addition, our        team will create your company’s identify across a variety of social media platforms including:

       o Facebook Profile and Cover Image Design

       o Twitter Profile, Header, Background Design

       o LinkedIn Covers and Profile Images

       o Google +

       o Youtube, Pinterest and Instragram.



The price for each of the above services will be as follows:
Web Design Packages

Enterprise Package Connect Package Grow Package Start Package

Further Information

Further Information


For more information in relation to Enodare’s corporate identity packages, please feel free to contact us.

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