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Websites have become an integral part of running almost any line of business in today’s technology-driven economy. Although it may still be possible to do business the old fashioned way based on print and broadcast advertising, as well as word of mouth, it is almost guaranteed that a properly conceived, established and managed website will deliver a good return on the time and money invested. For that to be the case, however, the website must be created and operated in the right way, or the beneficial results you anticipated could be reversed.

The first step in establishing a website is the same as the first step in starting a company—you have to select a name and then take the right measures to secure the use of that name. The name of a website, which also acts as the primary portion of its Internet address, is called the “domain name”. Every domain name must be registered and placed in an international database. Unlike trademarks, where the same mark can apply to different types of products, every domain name is unique (although, you may have some domain names with different extensions such as,,, etc).

Simultaneous with selecting and securing a domain name, you can be designing the layout and user interface that will make up the look and feel of your website. Once that is accomplished, the computer code that will operate the website and turn the design into a reality must be programmed. Both the design and development of a successful website require specialized skills. So if you or the employees in your business don’t have experience in this area, it is a good idea to hire a professional website designer and developer to perform these important tasks for you.

As with any form of business, one other option is always just to buy what you need. It may even be possible to purchase a registered domain name, a functioning website, and all of the associated assets as a package. But in most cases, you will want to start from scratch and tailor your website to your particular business.

We will now walk you through the process and issues involved in establishing a website that will attract and retain customers and add significant value to your business.

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