How do I Register a New Company for Tax?

If you are setting up a new company, one of the first things that you will need to do is notify the Revenue Commissioners. You will need to do this after the incorporation of your company and, ideally, before your new company commences trading.


You can register your company for tax with the Revenue Commissioners using their online service - Revenue Online Service, or “ROS” for short. ROS is a website which allows people to register for tax, make tax returns and tax payments all from a secure online environment. Further information on Revenue’s online service can be found at


If you are setting up a new company, you will need to complete the Revenue Form TR2.  The form can be downloaded from:


This form can be used to register for Corporation Tax, Employer’s PAYE/PRSI and/or Value Added Tax.


When completed, the Form TR2 should be submitted to your local tax office. Once received, it will be processed and a tax number will be issued to the company. Thereafter, it will be mandatory for all tax returns and payments to be submitted online via the website.

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