Making a Will and Future Plan

Making a Will and Future Plan

Estate Planning Solicitors

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Our private client team has a long tradition and considerable expertise in estate planning and probate which involves all aspects of wills, the administration of estates and trusts together with ordinary and enduring powers of attorney. We recognise the importance of clear and confidential advice in these areas of private law and ensure that at all times we offer a fully comprehensive and personal service to our customers.

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Our Services

Specific Services

Enodare Legal’s private client team can assist you with the following legal matters:

Last Will & Testament

Power of Attorney for Finance & Property

Enduring Power of Attorney for Finance & Property

Enduring Power of Attorney for Personal Care


Probate Process


Legal Background

Background Legal Information

For background information on the laws and issues relating to each of the above documents and/or services, visit Enodare’s Learning Centre.


How Our Service Works

Service Structure

In order to ensure the smooth preparation of your documents, the following terms will apply to the preparation of those documents:

At the outset of the engagement, you will be sent a questionnaire for completion. The questionnaire will solicit the information that is required in order to ensure the efficient and prompt        provision of the relevant service to you. Once completed, you will return the questionnaire to               Enodare.

Your appointed solicitor will (where necessary) contact you by phone and/or email to discuss your requirements more specifically.

In the case of documents drafting, a first draft of your required document will then be prepared based on the instructions received from you. You will be entitled to up to three revisions of your        document in order to ensure that it is in compliance with the original specifications and                      instructions received from you.

In the case of the provision of a service that goes beyond mere drafting, your appointed solicitor will discuss the process with you.

You will have access to your appointed solicitor by phone and email throughout.



The price for each of the above services will be as follows:

Legal Service Price
Standard Will (Excluding Trust) €  99 (plus VAT) Add to Cart
Complex Will (Including Trusts) €  199 (plus VAT) Add to Cart
Power of Attorney for Finance & Property €  199 (plus VAT) Add to Cart
Enduring Power of Attorney for Finance & Property €  199 (plus VAT) Add to Cart
Enduring Power of Attorney for Personal Care €  199 (plus VAT) Add to Cart
Trusts €  199 (plus VAT) Add to Cart

Probate Process – Price based on gross
value of the estate, calculated as follows:


Estate Value Between:
€0 and €100,000
€100,000 and €200,000
€200,000 and over




Further Information

Further Information

For more information in relation to Enodare’s legal service, please feel free to contact

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