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Making a will online with is a simple and easy process. Once you have created an account with Enodare you can login as often as you wish and make changes to your will until you are entirely satisfied. This ensures that you can spend time reflecting on how you wish to distribute your assets. Best of all, it’s free to setup an account and start creating your will. Even if you decide not to purchase your will today, you will have learned a lot about the process.

Enodare provides you with industry leading software to help you prepare your will in a matter of minutes. Our online will software takes you through each step of the will creation process with clear and easy to follow instructions. Provided below is a brief overview of the online will creation process. This is the same process a solicitor would take you through if you were sitting in their office.

You will then be taken through an interview style process where you are asked specific question in relations to your wishes. Firstly you will be required to select the will which most suits your circumstances. For example you may be married, unmarried, have children or perhaps have no children. Based on your answers, the question process will be tailored directly to your needs and requirements.

You will then be required to give details on the specific clauses you wish to include in your will. For example you may wish to consider options such as:
  • leaving a cash/specific gift to a loved one;
  • making a gift to charity;
  • making a gift royalties;
  • making a gift company shares;
  • making funeral arrangements;
  • release someone from a debt owed to you; or
  • direct how your estate tax is to be paid.

Of course, apart from the advanced options offered by Irish wills, you also have to complete the basic requirements of a will such as appointing executors, dealing with foreign wills and of course leaving your residuary estate to loved ones.

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