Mobile Question Questionnaire

Mobile Question Questionnaire

Welcome to Enodare’s mobile development service and thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your input will ensure that we work together to create a mobile application that will separate you from your competition.

In order for our team to fully understand the requirements of your mobile application, we request that you complete the questionnaire below and return the document to us via email. Our technical team will review the answers to the questions below and return to you with a details cost and time projections.

Worried about disclosing details about your application? We certainly would be, after all it’s your idea that’s contains the real value. We are happy to sign a NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) to ensure your idea remains protected if you wish.

Contact Details:
Contact Name: *
Company Name:
Contact Email: *
Contact Phone: *
Contact Website:
Specify how would you like to be contacted:  Phone Email
Project Details:
Specify the operating system you wish to use on your mobile application
 Apple IOS Android Cross Platform Not Sure
Briefly describe the purpose of your mobile application
Application Features:
Mobile Ecommerce:
Will your app require the ability to accept credit cards or make purchases?YES/NO
 Yes No
Store Submission:
Do you require us to submit your mobile applications stores, if yes, select the stores below.
 Google Play Apple ITunes Amazon Other
Application Design:
In this section we wish to determine your basic requirements for the design of your mobile application. Should you need help in creating an identity for your new application, one of our senior designers will be at hand to take you step-by-step through the process.
 Yes No
Provide details of mobile applications which have designs you like
Application Development
Many mobile applications require data to be uploaded/downloaded into web servers to function. In this section you are required to provide some information in relation to your current IT infrastructure. Should you need any additional services our team will identify this prior to the project start.
Do you currently have a website hosted on the Internet .Example: GoDaddy, blacknight, hostpapa etc
 Yes No
Do you expect to have a system in place which enables you to add content and make day-to-day updates on your mobile app?
 Yes No
Provide details of mobile applications which have designs you like:
Whats Next?
Our team will review you application and respond within 48 hours with a detailed analysis of your project, if we have any queries we will contact you via the details you have provided.

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