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About Enodare Legal

About Enodare Legal


Enodare’s legal services team is headed up by Martin O’Donoghue, a qualified solicitor with other 12 years experience of working with leading law firms in Dublin and London, including Everhseds (one of Ireland’s largest full service commercial law firms).

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Our Solicitors

Our Solicitors


Enodare’s legal service is provided to you by some of Ireland’s most experienced solicitors and law firms. So, not alone will you benefit from fixed price legal services across a vast cross-section of legal areas, you will be working directly with qualified Irish solicitors who:

have at least 10 years experience in their relevant fields;

are currently listed on the Law Society of Ireland’s role of solicitors;

have current practising certificates; and

have appropriate levels of professional indemnity insurance.

Enodare prides itself on the quality and efficiency of its legal services and spares no expense in ensuring that you receive one of the best legal services on the market.

Our Services

Available Services


Our services span a cross section of core legal areas including the following:

Starting and Running a Business

Property, Landlord & Tenant

Making Wills and Future Plans

Employment & Consultancy Matters

Loans, Mortgages & Guarantees

Intellectual Property

Bespoke Legal Projects and Documents

For more information on each of the above areas, simply click on the relevant link. If you have any queries, simply email legal@enodare.ie and one of our representatives will contact you by telephone or email (whichever you prefer).

How Our Service Works

How Our Service Works


Our legal service is straightforward and easy to use. It generally works in the following manner:

You select and pay for the legal service that you require.

 You will be sent a questionnaire for completion. The questionnaire will solicit the information that is required in order to ensure the efficient and prompt provision of the relevant legal service               to you. Once completed, you will return the questionnaire to Enodare.

Enodare will nominate an appropriate and suitably qualified solicitor from it panel of external solicitors to deal with your case and will notify you of the name and background of that solicitor.        If you are not happy with that selection for any reason, we will appoint another solicitor to assist        you or (at your sole discretion) offer you a full and unconditional refund.

Your appointed solicitor will then contact you by phone and/or email (whichever you prefer) to provide your service.

You will have access to your appointed solicitor by phone and email throughout.

Price List


For details of the prices of the above services, click Price List or simply visit the relevant service page.

Enodare Benefits

Benefits and Features of Enodare’s Legal Services


Our legal services include the following benefits and features:

Provided by experienced and qualified Irish Solicitors.

All legal documents prepared by solicitors who are experts in their respective fields.

Fixed price legal services (unless otherwise agreed between you and us).

All solicitors have access to extensive precedent banks and know-how.

Services comply with Law Society of Ireland Guidelines.

Access to the full benefits of the Law Society of Ireland dispute resolution procedures and the solicitor’s professional indemnity insurance.

Further Information

Further Information


For more information in relation to Enodare’s legal service, please feel free to contact legal@enodare.ie.

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Enodare, the international self-help legal publisher, was founded in 2000 by Solicitors from one of the most prestigious law firms in Ireland.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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