Should You Make Your Own Will

Absolutely! Provided your estate is not too complex (and most estates are not complex) and you are not actively trying to disinherit your spouse or child, you can easily make your own will. While many solicitors will correctly tell you that it’s important to get proper legal advice when making a will, the reality is that most of them use simple template or precedent will forms for the vast majority of their clients. These are the same templates that are included with kits such as our Last Will & Testament Kit. It most cases, all you need to do to prepare your own will is to decide on a few simple matters like who you want to gift your property to, who you want to act as your executor, who you want to act as guardian of your children and who you want to act as your witnesses.

However, when making your will, you should pay close attention to the rights of spouses and children which will be discussed below. In this respect, if you wish to disinherit them in any manner, you should speak to a solicitor. Similarly, if your estate is large or complex with large tax considerations (such as where you own a business or have large agricultural holdings) you should obtain tax advice or at least make yourself familiar with the requirements of inheritance taxation.

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